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January 22, 2019

The mental health benefits of becoming more physically active are becoming more and more prevalent. In this post, Kieran Alger explores the mental health benefits of exercise.

How do you feel after a workout? Even when you're purple faced and desperate for a lie-down, you feel pretty pleased with yourself for giving it a go, right? Once the initial breathlessness subsides after a workout, it's common to feel like you have more...

December 14, 2018

What are Energy Gels and How do they Work?

A marathon runner's staple, energy gels replenish your depleted carbohydrate stores when running.

When you run your body uses two sources of fuel to feed your muscles, fat and carbohydrates. While fat is widely available it’s slower to break down into usable energy making it ineffective when running a marathon.

Instead, your body relies on carbohydrates as its primary fuel source. As a g...

November 17, 2018

So your looking at taking part in you're first Obstacle course run, if you're at that stage where you're thinking about entering one then your most likely you're contemplating whether they're actually for you or not. You'll be asking yourself questions such as, how hard are they? Will I like them? What about if I fail? What about if it's to hard and I can't make it? What if I fall flat on my face in the mud and everyone laughs...

October 27, 2018

6 Ways to reduce muscle aches. Delayed onset muscle soreness can typically occur 12-24 hours after an intense workout. Heres a few ways you can reduce the aches

September 14, 2018

A fun way to lose weight  Such rigorous exercise with all the constant running, climbing, crawling and wading burns an incredible number of calories.  It'll help to improve the blood flow that eventually will lead to more fat loss which, in turn will help to put a smile on your face the next time you step on the scales! If you're bored with the same old routine workout and are tired of getting slow results, try an ob...

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