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Kids Mud Run

It's harder and harder to motivate children to take part in recreational sporting activities due to the rise in online gaming platforms such as Xbox, Play-stations etc. It's easy for kids to stay indoors these days and with the thrill the online games can bring it's hard to match the excitement that they bring, especially considering most sporting events are aimed at adults markets and what they put on for the younger generation can often be more of an afterthought.

The benefits for of taking part in exercise at a younger age has been proven to provide a wide range of benefits to children include: 

  • Reduce in type 2 diabetes

  • A stronger immune system

  • Strengthening of the cardiovascular system including heart and lungs

  • Reduced likelihood of child obesity and a control over body fat

  • Stronger bone and muscle structure

  • Increase in bloody flow to all body tissues including the brain

  • Enhancement of brain metabolism

  • Improved concentration levels

  • Decrease in anxiety

  • Reduces chance of depression

  • Improvement in sleep quality

Therefore it's important to find new ways of encouraging children to take part in physical exercise and that is exactly what our mission has been since 2013. Our events are designed to offer a fun, exciting challenge to people of all ages and our kids 3.5k mud run is packed with mountains of mud and incredible obstacles such as waterslides, mud puts, cargo nets, rope climbs, a-frames and much, much more. The route is set out over 3.5km which takes part on sections of the main adult course to provide an experience for the children as near to the adults as we can make it.

All children who take part in our kids 3.5km mud run earn a race finishers certificate + finishers medal. We actively encourage parents / guardians to take part and run alongside their children to make it an an event that can be experienced together by all the family. We also provide a lively event village at every event we hold which includes retailers, food stalls, a live DJ who plays throughout the day, plus our 20ft inflatable pub which is available for the adults to enjoy a few beverages in after they've finished their run. 

Since our first event in 2014 we've helped thousands of children take part in fun based fitness events and see familiar faces at each event we hold coming back for more and more. 

Come join in the fun and take part for yourself in 2018